Check Out My Gear: The Andy Sapp Edition

When it comes to photography, video, and graphics, what can’t you say about Andy Sapp?  The guy is an artist through and through, as his work will attest.  What people might not know is he’s also one of the sharpest and funniest dudes around, and I wanted his gear video to showcase that. 

We went out to lunch the day of the shoot to toss ideas around (and some ideas were definitely tossed), but one image that I couldn’t shake was the idea of him opening up his gear case and it being full of candy.  We rolled with the character and shot for about an hour, and it was laughs the whole time.  

Who knew that when you mix twenty dollars worth of gas station candy, a few weird Japanese candy videos, and some killer graphics from Mr. Sapp himself, you end up with one hilarious gear video? Now we all know, and knowing is half the battle.